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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use NetPinger Pro on more than one computer?

Your NPP license allows you to register the program on one machine. Program logging removes the test time limit. You can purchase multiple licenses to register any number of computers - at lower negotiated prices as shown on our purchase page. You can revoke license registration on one computer and re-use it to register another NPP. If several computers share the same Internet connection, you only need one license for one of these computers to track connectivity issues. If you want to test Internet connections in different locations, such as home and office, you must have at least one license for each location.

I change my computer. Will my license work on the new one?

Your registered license key is associated with your computer where you use it. You can revoke the license and then re-register it on another computer or after reinstalling the OS on the same computer To cancel your registration, click License in the main window In the License Information window, click Print form to Print the license key on paper, then click on "Unregister," which will make the license key available for re-use, and the NPP will return to demo mode, download the current version of NPP from this website and download it allylation. Then simply register the program with the same license key

Can the NPP run as a Windows service?

Yes! You can, but you have to do this yourself with some of the Windows tools like, for example, Srvany.exe.

Can the NPP start with Windows startup?

Yes! You can set this by clicking the Options button in the main window.

What version of Windows supports NPP?

NPP is compatible with any version of Windows from XP to Windows 10, including Windows Server (2008 or later). The program will work on any of these versions, but if for some reason it can not be registered, the License button will be inactive. Microsoft suspended XP support in April 2014 and Server 2003 in July 2015. Recent security and encryption changes make XP and Server 2003 incompatible, but NPP will still work on them.

Are there any NetPinger Pro versions for MAC / OS X / IOS / Android?

No such versions!

If I stop NetPinger Pro while I do not have the connection will program write the problem into log?

Yes, he will record it! NPP records every problem after the Internet connection is restored. This is because, to calculate the duration, the percentage of time, the max, the min, and the average length of the problems found, it is required that each of them is completed. However, when closing the NPP while there is no internet connection, the program records in the Emergency mode - only problems with a length longer than the set time in the settings.

Does the program send a lot of data to the Internet and what are these data?

NPP generates very little amount of data traffic. You can scan it with an existing service program.

Does NetPinger Pro slow down my computer?

No! NPP consumes very few resources: Task Manager reports that the process uses 0% of the processor time.

Does NetPinger Pro test the speed of my internet?

No! This is a very different test. To check the speed, you must have a server available to send you a data file of good size and the highest speed that can handle your connection. This server also needs to be pretty close! is a free service that supports a worldwide network of servers to perform this type of test. Visit the website to test your connection speed.

My internet is very slow. Can I still use the program?

Yes. Some connections, especially satellite or dial-up, may take longer than the standard limit of 200 milliseconds (2/10 of a second) to react, causing the NPP to report failure. Our NPP user reported that Google's normal response time is sometimes a full second! If your connection is very slow, simply click on the Options button and increase the Wait response setting. A good way to determine the best setting is to put it at a maximum of 1500 (1.5 seconds), then Keep track of the NPP for a while, and note the range of typical reaction times for each server Change the Ping Response Time setting to about 1.5 times the normal response and the NPP should provide you with reliable data for actual issues.

NetPinger Pro shows me that one of the servers is not responding. What this means?

This is normal and is not a problem with the connection. NPP does not call the servers continuously The test takes only one moment and there is only one test every one, eg 15 seconds If the test fails, the light turns red and the NPP continues immediately with the next server The red light remains on but this simple Means that the server did not respond before 15 seconds Fifteen seconds go before the NPP tries again and the light turns green So if you run the Ping command in DOS - you can see that the server responds until the light stays red.

NetPinger Pro shows me that I have an internet connection but I can not open anything!

Your relationship is actually working. What is probably not working is your Domain Name or DNS service. Even when your DNS does not work, NPP continues to report that it is connecting because the NPP does not use names to indicate server addresses; It uses the numeric IP address directly. This is a key feature of the NPP design - it tests the connection rather than your DNS service.

Can I set other test servers myself?

Yes, just click on the "Options" button, then enter the new IPv4 addresses and a short description for each.

I have a connection problem. But where does it come from?

Monitoring your router as one of the three Ping command goals will not tell you anything. If your router does not respond, there will be nothing, and all three servers will not respond. NPP can tell you when your internet connection is unsuccessful, but there is no way to distinguish a router malfunction, cable from the house to the curb, the big cord from the curb to your ISP, and so on. etc. NPP will tell you when your connection is limited, but she can not tell you why - it's for you and your ISP. Normally, one of the first things your ISP will tell you to do is connect the computer directly to your modem rather than a router - eliminating the router as a possible source of the problem. Use the NPP while the router is out of the connection path to prove to your ISP that your router is not a problem.

My computer enters hibernation mode Does the NPP continue to monitor the Internet connection?

No! All programs are "stopped" when your computer is in an energy-saving state. NPP will run when the computer wakes up, but network problems while the computer is sleeping will not be detected or registered.

My computer suddenly restarts what will be recorded in the Event Log?

Unfortunately nothing! When you exit Windows in any of the normal ways, the operating system provides a special shutdown command to each program. In the case of a sudden shutdown - there is no time for this, so the log will be interrupted without the General Data portion. But, on the other hand, this will show you that the machine is restarted.

I have not received the license key after payment What should I do?

Perhaps you have not waited to return to our site (this happens automatically within 10 seconds after a payment is made) after you have made the payment. In this case, we use the Instant Payment Notification on PayPal and send an email with the license key of the mail from which the payment was made. If you still paid, and you can not find your key - contact us and send us the TransactionId of the payment and we will fix the error immediately.

My antivirus program say this software is probably a virus.

Unfortunately, most antivirus companies go too far with their virus and Trojan protection and in many cases classify fully legitimate software as a viral / Trojan infection. The attitude of many Antivirus companies is very difficult on this topic - if it is a tool that can be used by bad people, it is classified as a Trojan or virus even when most users need it and use it for good purposes. If you are worried - do not use this software.

NetPinger Pro shows that there is no Internet, but I get mail, for example. Why?

You can use your web browser and receive an email while the NPP is unable to connect. There may be different reasons for this.

1. Slow response
NPP works by sending a ping request to the target servers Servers respond and NPP understands that your connection works The NPP waits for a certain period of time to get this response before it thinks it failed and then tests the next If all three servers fail to respond, NPP knows that your connection has stopped. By default, the NPP Ping Response Time for the NPP is 200 ms (milliseconds or 1000 seconds) and can not be changed in this version Typical broadband connectivity shows a response time in the 20-40 ms range for the test server The default wait time of 200 ms allows for a lot of response deviations If your connection has a much slower response, NPP may show an unsuccessful connection even though you can still use your network or email. Which may have a longer response time, includes satellite or DSL connections, not cable or fiber, and the remote location may have a slow response - e.g. 1000 ms.

2. Other software blocks the NPP - for example, Windows Firewall
One way Firewall protects you is to prevent any unknown program from accessing the Internet. For example, a virus or other malicious software might try to send data found on your computer to a villain who created the malware. Programs such as Norton or MacAfee have a similar firewall function. This software may not recognize NPP as having a legitimate purpose when using your Internet connection. If the firewall blocks NPP from Internet access, the program will report connection failure while your other programs communicate without any problem

3. Other software has taken up the entire network
You can use your computer in all normal ways and the NPP will continue to operate normally. However, there are some ways to use your computer that are designed to use 100% of the available line in your internet connection. This may delay any response from queries sent by NPP. Two specific applications that can lead to full lineup are and Bit Torrent. Speedtest, the website that shows you the speed of your connection naturally has to fully fill your connection to determine the maximum capacity. This will lead to problems with the NPP and the program may announce that the Internet has stopped. Bit Torrent is a system that allows your computer to download a file from multiple sources at the same time, most commonly used for distributed sharing of large files. There are many programs that use the Bit Torrent protocol and can use all the free internet connection.

Compatible with Windows – XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 – and Windows Server (2008 or newer).

NetPinger Pro 1.3