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Do you have a connection problem?

NetPinger Pro will help!
You probably called your ISP's support line, and probably they did not help you, or maybe they did not even send a technician to check it out. Too often the answer is "Problem is fixed now it works, sorry!"

With NetPinger Pro you will prove that there are problems
NetPinger Pro alerts you for problems in your internet connection and keeps track about the exact time and duration of these issues. This registry will help your vendor remedy the problem - once you are convinced that this is not only your imagination! NetPinger Pro is designed to be as simple as possible and achieves this goal with the least effort made by you.

How it works?

NetPinger Pro (NPP) uses the Ping command to test the response from three public servers managed by Google, Level 3, and OpenDNS. (See "What is Ping?" Below for explanation.) Each server responds to intervals you can set - usually five seconds. By default, NPP uses the so-called Blocking call to allow the server to respond.

Ping is a command available for all types of computers that tests whether another computer on the web will respond to your request. This is called the sound of underwater sonar systems - they send a "ping" sound that bounces off the target and listening to that echo - they find their purpose. Internet "ping" works in a similar way. Define your goal, an Internet server, and listen to it.

NetPinger Pro is a small but powerful internet monitor

Key features of NetPinger Pro

Internet Connection Monitor

Uses three public servers to test the Internet response.

Keep a log of problems

Records the time and duration of each problem in a plain text file.

Different test servers

You can set your test servers and the changes enter force immediately.

Compatible with Windows – XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 – and Windows Server (2008 or newer).

NetPinger Pro 1.3